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  1. Lisa Tener says

    I love this idea of turning around our excuses for not writing. Regarding he third tip, to use excuses as clues, I would add that in addition to fear, the clue may be about logistics. If “but I was too tired or burned out” is the excuse/clue, figure out a way to re-energize before writing or find a time that works better and schedule it in your calendar. One more way to get empowered.


    This is such a great idea—writing down your excuses. I think the Time one is what trips most people up, but as my husband likes to say, “We always make time for the things that are a priority.” So figuring out why writing isn’t a priority can be helpful in getting it back to the top of our list. Thanks, Colleen! So glad you’re here :).


    I love the suggestion to track writing excuses – you’re right; writing them down is more helpful than forgetting them ad viewing it as a one-off. Understanding why we didn’t write by reviewing our reasons or excuses can supply us with good data that can indicate problems in our lives or where a lack of balance occurs. Once we can pinpoint disruptors we can make changes. 🙂

    • Colleen says

      Thanks, Angela! I know I find it helpful. When I go back and view the lame excuse I’m motivated to make sure I follow through the next time. :O)


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