Thoughtful Gifts for Writers

Each year we put together a list of gift ideas for writers – some fun, some functional. This year, let’s face it, writers have struggled more than usual.

So this time around, our list focuses on truly thoughtful and useful gifts you can give to show you support them & their creative goals!

The gift that showcases their hard work.

I love this set of Author bookends because most of us know Imposter’s Syndrome a little TOO well. If you are buying for an author, this gift says, BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED. One book or 100, it doesn’t matter.

There is also a “Writer” one available, but honestly, buy this one for the author-to-be, too because to them it says, I BELIEVE IN YOU.

The gift that respects their need to focus.

These days, homes are busier with kiddos and spouses around more often. So when your writer-in-residence needs an escape, noise-cancelling headphones acts as a gateway to their own, distraction-free world.

This headset is highly rated, but there are lots of types and prices, so find something that fits your budget. (Affiliate link)

The gift that thinks about their comfort.

Sure, butt cushions aren’t sexy, but you know what is? People who care enough to ensure their favorite writer is comfortable when seated for hours at a time!

This seat cushion comes with a pretty awesome rating so might be a good starting point if you are looking for a gift like this. (I just bought one and my butt is happier.)(Affiliate link)

The gift that alleviates pain and can be a “butt-in-chair” reward.

The hunched-over-keyboard lifestyle of a writer can lead to some debilitating headaches as well as neck, shoulder and back pain. And while a masseuse on standby probably isn’t in the budget (sadface) this RESTECK massager probably is. (Affiliate link)

Not only can it be used anywhere on the body, note the pockets for wrists and how it can be used while typing on a keyboard. I think you are picking up what I’m laying down here…this is comfort nirvana.

The gift that helps them become a show-don’t-tell Jedi.

Every writer wants to craft a story that captivates, and a big part of doing that is making sure their description is meaningful, pulling readers in and powering the events of every scene.

This writing guide series has sold nearly 600,000 copies worldwide and is consistently recommended by editors, universities, and best-selling authors as a “Writer’s Must-Have.”

The gift that helps them with big picture editing.

Fictionary is software that specifically looks at 38 critical elements of storytelling to ensure a WIP (work in progress) has strong bones.

This means a writer can continue to revise and polish with confidence and save money on fees if they choose to engage an editor down the road!

The gift that will help them produce a clean manuscript.

ProWritingAid can be a lifesaver to writers seeking to put their best foot forward as they polish and submit their work for consideration or prepare it for publication.

Chances are your writer isn’t a grammar guru but with ProWritingAid, they don’t have to be! Check out PWA’s many features and reports that will help with the heavy lifting of editing.

The gift that inspires.

Have you ever received a subscription box gift filled with wonderful things tied to an interest of yours? I have, and it’s amazing! You can send something extra special for the writer in your life by getting them a Writerly Kits Subscription Box.

Find the perfect plan option: a single box to an entire year of treasures arriving at your favorite writer’s doorstep.

The playful gift that says, “I love you who you are.”

Everyone loves to be surprised by thoughtfulness, especially writers! The writer’s workspace, their tools, and their favorite writing spaces are key to their identity, so why not immortalize them through a writer-theme caricature?

You can choose the static background pictured here or customize it, it’s up to you!

The gift that is a cherished memento of their biggest dreams.

Imagine the writer in your life seeing their very own book – with actual pages of the story – as a Christmas ornament. The talented Avery Olive designs miniature books with 16 actual pages of the story inside, followed by blank pages to give it scale.

If your writer is pre-published, choose a book from her collection to serve as inspiration for their authorly goals! If they have books under their belt, talk to Avery about designing a custom book ornament. She can do both!

The gift that can help them become a master storyteller.

Saving the best for last, One Stop for Writers is what happens when two, out-of-the-box story experts decide to change the writing game.

The One Stop library contains an arsenal of resources, tutorials, and one-of-a-kind tools that demystifies the harder-to-understand writing concepts so your writer can get their imagination onto the page faster and easier, and best of all, strengthen their writing skills as they go. Gift certificates are available for 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans.

A peek at what’s waiting at One Stop for Writers:

What’s on your Writerly Wish List this year? Let us know in the comments!


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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1 month ago

I really like the energy in this! I’ll definitely get these xD

1 month ago

These are excellent gifts

1 month ago
Reply to  Tonya

Glad you like them! I think I found some unique ones this year!