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Why Scripts Are Rejected: 10 Screenwriting Errors To Avoid

We’re going to throw something different into the mix today: a post about screenwriting mistakes. This is an important post for all writers to read, including novelists, because the same advice can easily be translated to your fiction stories as … Continue reading

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10 Editorial Steps From the Agent “Call” to Published Book

I am ever so excited to hand the reins over to the fabulous Martina Boone, author of Compulsion, book 1 in the Heirs of Watson Island trilogy. There’s a few reasons for this. First, if you don’t know Martina, well, … Continue reading

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Eight Steps to an Agent, a Publisher, and a Two-Book Deal

Happy Monday, everyone! I know, I know…Mondays. Bleh. Luckily, Donna Galanti is here to cheer you up. When it comes to publishing, she’s done it all: her short story collection is self-published, her debut novel was published through a small … Continue reading

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How to Write a Tagline for Your Book (And Why You Need To)

Okay, how many of you don’t know the difference between a logline and a tag line? *raises hand* Yeah, me too. But lucky for us my friend Marcy Kennedy is here to explain. And wow, there is a BIG difference! … Continue reading

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Foreign Rights Agents: Everything You Need To Know (& Why You May Want One!)

Foreign Rights. Now more than ever, we’re seeing translation rights buzz and increasing a book’s global range. And why not? Authors work incredibly hard to create the best book they can, and language should not be a barrier to finding … Continue reading

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Okay, so that title is a bit misleading. It would be incredibly hard for me to squeeze in  all the conference-y goodness that I experienced in Seattle this weekend. In fact, I suspect there will be a few posts in … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Social Media Intervention?

It’s drilled into us by the Publishing Powers That Be: platform, platform, platform. Embrace Social Media. Blog. Get on twitter. Engage. Network. Connect. Start early, think ahead, get a platform in place before the deal. And because we want to … Continue reading

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Wanted: an Agent Like Sam Phillips

Today we’re hosting KIM VAN SICKLER, a MG writer who, along with six other writers, blogs at Swagger, a new community for writers and readers! Go check them out and give them a warm blogger-y welcome, yes? Kim’s short story … Continue reading

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How To Personalize a Query The Right Way

Recently I gave a talk about Agents to local SCBWI chapter members. One thing that we unfortunately didn’t get around to discussing was the whole concept of ‘personalizing queries.’ I’ve noticed this comes up at a few of the writing … Continue reading

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Last night I gave my first SCBWI talk alongside Janet Gurtler, author of the much anticipated YA novel, Weight of Bones due out in Spring 2011. The topic? Agents! During the discussion, I covered what Agents are, what they do … Continue reading

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