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Reviews, Thanks & A NEW Thesaurus is Coming!

Happy Wednesday, Musers! I hope like me, everyone is getting back into the rhythm of work, school and writing again, carving bits of time to work on your latest and greatest projects. I am so proud of each and every … Continue reading

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Book Review: Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen

Now, normally, The Bookshelf Muse isn’t about reviewing books. But we ARE all about helping other writers, and when I heard that my friend Donna’s newest book was soon to be released, I begged her for a sneaky-peaky. And I’m … Continue reading

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Tension-Filled Books

So, after my last post on tension, Christine Mandiloff asked for suggestions of other books where tension is used well. I had to think about this, but I’ve come up with a few that I think are fitting, for different … Continue reading

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Books…and the End of the World

I haven’t posted much in the way of my resolve to read more, so I figure this post should help make up for it. First off, I have the BEST Reading Pile. Look at all these goodies! Once I plow … Continue reading

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Something for my Fellow YAers…

It’s moments like these that I’m extremely grateful for the facelessness of a blog. Seeing me red-nosed and drippy-eyed, bundled in blankets and surrounded by a legion of soggy Kleenex is so not a Cosmo cover moment. Not by a … Continue reading

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What are you Reading?

Angela’s excellent post, combined with my daughter’s new pseudo-schedule and a little more free-time, remind me of how much I miss reading. But after my little break, I feel out of the loop. In an effort to keep us all … Continue reading

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Book Review: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

I wanted to write a post on realistic dialogue, so I started by grabbing my Bible (ie, dog-eared copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers) and realized just how often I quote this book. I figured I should probably plug it … Continue reading

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Favorite Writing Books

Over the last few years, Becca and I have read many writing books together, sharing our impressions and insights on each via email. It’s been a wonderful way to learn more about writing and often if one of us became … Continue reading

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