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Seven Deadly Sins of Novel Writing, Part II

Sin # 2: Counterfeit Characters The most brilliant plot is nothing without the right characters. The writer’s job is to create unique, emotionally charged characters that are strong enough to drive the story. The characters we choose can make or … Continue reading

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Clichés…Safe To Use?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Clichés being a bane to writers, so I thought I’d stroll over to the other side of the literary fence and look at when it’s actually okay to use them. Yes, you … Continue reading

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Clichés…The Poisoned Apple of Description

It’s been awhile since my last cliché post, so I thought I’d look at the temptation aspect of clichés, and why writers are drawn to using them when faced with tough description choices. The way I see it, there are … Continue reading

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What Agents Hate

There’s a wonderful article up at Writer’s Digest outlining specific turn-offs agents have regarding the oh-so-important first chapter. This is a MUST READ, so scurry on over and take a look! What Agents Hate

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A Final Character Cliché…the Mentor

Gandalf. Merlin. Yoda. All great characters, all mentors that fit the ‘wise old man’ (er, Yoda) Mentor archetype. In fact, the wise old man is so well known for fantasy, it’s almost pointless for me to discuss the cliché when … Continue reading

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Monty Python on Clichés…

A writer friend introduced me to this sketch a long time ago and today it is still one of my favs. It’s a great example of twisting a cliché into something original, and will give all writers a good laugh…so … Continue reading

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A Special Character Cliché: Parents

In some children/YA books, parents can be reduced to cardboard clichés in order to be seen ‘at the edges’ of a story without being in danger of taking it over. Why is this? Simply because to create a realistic environment, … Continue reading

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Clichés, Part 4

I thought we should add to our body count of Character Clichés before moving on. Again, because I write Children’s, I’m focusing on the younger spectrum of the tired, recycled and overused Paris Hiltons—er, character clichés. Speaking of Paris, let’s … Continue reading

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Clichés, Part 3

Seeing as I blasted clichéd villains in my last post, I thought I’d look at a few more offenders in the character category. First up… The Rich and Handsome Jock (AKA Mr. Popularity) That’s right. The Quarterback, the Basketball Star, … Continue reading

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Clichés Part 2: Villians

Top ten ways to spot the Evil, Power-Hungry Villain Cliché Quick, read the following paragraph: Evil High Lord Ruderon, eldest son of the half-demon Scythe, commands his chaotic army of Lizard Men, Killer Terriers and Cannibalistic Toads in a bid … Continue reading

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