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Story Midpoint & Mirror Moment: Using Heroes’ Emotions To Transform Them

I recently read a Huff Post psychology piece on Turning Negative Emotions Into Your Greatest Advantage and immediately saw how this could also apply to our characters. Feel free to follow the link and read, but if you’re short on … Continue reading

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James Scott Bell: The “Write From The Middle” Method

Today we’re welcoming bestselling author and brilliant writing coach James Scott Bell to Writers Helping Writers. James has created a unique writing method that solves the “plotter or pantser” dilemma when it comes to structuring a novel, so please read … Continue reading

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Sagging Middles: Fix Your Story’s MUFFIN TOP!

You know how sometimes you get that awesome tingly feeling because a new book you want to read is out? Well Ta-Da, Structuring Your Novel is here at last. Following up on Outlining Your Novel: Mapping Your Way To Success, … Continue reading

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Adapting Story Structure for Any Project

Lydia Sharp is with us today to share some tips on how to use Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet to help with story structure, so please read on! ***** Ever since I discovered Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder back in … Continue reading

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To Plot or Not to Plot?

Today, we’re happy to welcome Melissa Donovan as a guest writer. Melissa is a website designer and copywriter. She is also the founder and editor of Writing Forward, a blog packed with creative writing tips and ideas. To plot or not to plot—that is … Continue reading

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