Struggle to Show, Not Tell Emotion? Here’s a Mother-lode of Description Links!

As you can imagine, we’re pretty amped about The Emotion Thesaurus Second Edition. We hope you find those extra 55 emotions and double the teaching content is a big help as you craft stronger character emotion.

Every launch, Becca and I go on a guest posting tear, sharing information from our latest release. These posts are packed with great ideas for showing emotion and often utilize excerpts from the book, so I’ll list them here:

The Inner Struggle: How to Show a Character’s Repressed Emotions (Jane Friedman)

Using Vocal Cues to Show Hidden Emotions (Fiction University)

Fight, Flight, or Freeze: Psyche 101 for Writers (Elizabeth Spann Craig)

Got Subtext? Writing Better Dialogue (Jerry B. Jenkins)

Podcast Interview with Angela (Blood, Sweat, and Words)

Emotion and The Setting: A Powerful Story Combo (Seekerville)

The Connection Between Character Emotion and Reader Empathy (Live Write Thrive)

How to Show Emotion for Non-Viewpoint Characters (Jami Gold)

Character Research: What to Know to Write Authentic Emotion (ProWritingAid)

Telling vs. Showing When It Comes to Emotions (Kobo Writing Life)

5 Vehicles for Showing (Instead of Telling) Character Emotion (DIYMFA)

7 Things Your Character Is Hiding (Helping Writers Become Authors)

We hope you enjoy these posts!

Don’t Forget…

We have a free webinar recording that can be viewed right up until the end of February: Using Emotion To Wow Readers.

You can find the access link here.

Happy writing! 🙂



Angela is an international speaker and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also enjoys dreaming up new tools and resources for One Stop For Writers, a library built to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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