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Will This Be Your Year? Make A Writing Plan And Take Out The Guesswork

Becca and I love you guys. We want to see you break barriers, build careers, and enjoy success after writing success. Supporting you is what we’re about and what we do. We enjoy helping however possible, encouraging each of you … Continue reading

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One Stop Adventures: Learning To Collaborate As A Team

It is hard to believe, but One Stop For Writers is only a month away from release! As such, I thought I’d tackle the team aspect of getting a giant project off the ground, seeing as we had a great … Continue reading

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Mastering Words: Ways to Evolve as a Writer

Each day, we seek to put our best foot forward. We shower, dress for the day’s activities, style our hair. We plan, organize, gather our things, and check the mirror before leaving, making sure to pluck stray fluff off our … Continue reading

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When Your Writing Routine Goes Poof

I’m an easily distracted person. In order to write productively, I need a private space with no voices, few interruptions, and a view—because, let’s be honest, when you spend a large portion of your writing time staring out the window, you … Continue reading

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Getting Quiet and Letting Go of Expectations

One of the hardest parts of writing fiction for me is the getting started part. Every time I sit down to write, it takes a good twenty to thirty minutes to find a groove. Which is frustrating when you’ve only … Continue reading

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8 Tips to Get Your Manuscript to the Finish Line

How many of you have “shiny syndrome?” You know, when you start writing a novel but are derailed the second a new idea blooms in your brain. Or you become hobbled by the dreaded “isuckitis” as your Internal Editor yammers … Continue reading

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An MFA in WRITING: Marissa Graff’s Top 4 Lessons From Semester One

If you are a career writer, chances are at some point you’ve wondered if you should invest in a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) for Writing. Marissa Graff is a Young Adult writer and good friend of mine who decided … Continue reading

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The Path To 10K In Sales: Strategy, Luck & Mistakes

I’ll admit my mind is blown knowing there are over 10,000 Emotion Thesaurus books out in the world. Becca and I are thrilled, and so appreciative to all the writers and teachers who took a chance on it. As aspiring … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Conquering Impatience

Recently my blogging chum Shannon O’Donnell posted about how important certain virtues are for people on the writing path. We must have the courage to write and put ourselves out there, we must find the fortitude needed to persevere. The … Continue reading

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Guest Post at Writer on the Side

Hey people! I’ve been working on a post idea that’s near and dear to my heart, but since Critterpalooza is still going strong and the cause is too good to be derailed, I’ve decided to accept Stasia Kehoe’s gracious offer and … Continue reading

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