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How To Turn Your Setting Into An Obstacle Course

  Becca and I are big believers in making the setting work hard in EVERY scene. A terrific way to do this is to turn a setting into a magnet for conflict. After all, the hero or heroine’s path to … Continue reading

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Getting the Pacing Right

I’d like to start this post by stating an opinion that I think pretty much everyone shares: Pacing Sucks. When you get it right, no one really notices. I mean, how many times have you read a 5-star review that … Continue reading

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Pacing Tips

So, I mentioned that November is insane, right? My son’s birthday falls just before Thanksgiving. This year, we’re throwing his first party. He wanted a Darth Vader theme, and I may have gone a teensy bit overboard. Regardless, his birthday … Continue reading

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Kick it up a Notch: Top Tips on Writing a Page-Turning Novel

We all want to write an engaging, page-turning story. But that’s harder said than done, as is proven by the number of times I leave a movie complaining that it was one long bull crap moment. There are tips and tricks to successfully … Continue reading

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Pulse on Pacing: How Smooth Transitions Keep Your Story Moving

Writing itself is change, and within story structure, transitions are key to keeping things moving. It isn’t just about getting your character from scene to scene, it’s also is about communicating ideas and making sure there’s a smooth flow from … Continue reading

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A Tutorial on The Negative Thesaurus & Some Valuable Pacing Tips

Blogger extraordinaire and all-around wonderful person Jami Gold was telling me about how people are using The Negative Trait Thesaurus in the character creation process. But she did mention a general lack of ideas on how to use this book … Continue reading

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Using a Critique Checklist, or, How Not to Look Like a Twit

When writers ask me for advice, the first thing I emphasize is the importance of finding a critique group or partners. These support systems are invaluable for adding the objectivity we lack and helping us see where our work needs … Continue reading

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Dumping The Info Dumps

The Dreaded Info Dump. Did you wince a little as I wrote that? I know I did. That’s because the info dump is something very easy to do, because after all, it’s a great way to explain to readers why … Continue reading

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Adapting Story Structure for Any Project

Lydia Sharp is with us today to share some tips on how to use Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet to help with story structure, so please read on! ***** Ever since I discovered Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder back in … Continue reading

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Increasing Your Book’s Momentum, by Editor Laura Carlson

Happy Monday, people! I’m off to Disney with the fam. I know, the timing isn’t great, especially with all the CRAZY photographic evidence rumors circulating about Angela and what she’s really up to this month. But never fear. I’ve got … Continue reading

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