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Friends as Enemies

One thing that Angela and I discovered time and again as we put the Rural and Urban Setting Thesaurus books together is just how influential the setting is on a story. Setting has its collective fingers in a lot of … Continue reading

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The Subtle Knife: Writing Characters Readers Trust But Shouldn’t

I don’t know about you, but I love reading books where the author encourages me to draw conclusions that are wrong. Case in point–untrustworthy characters who I trust anyway. Like all writers, I am ultra aware of character cues and … Continue reading

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Inside One Stop For Writers: Our Descriptive Thesaurus Collections

A Closer Looks at Our Descriptive Thesaurus Collections As some of you know, the heart of One Stop For Writers is our signature Descriptive Thesaurus Collection. Visitors to this blog (and The Bookshelf Muse before it) have watched Becca and … Continue reading

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The Importance of Grounding Characters in the Reader’s World

We all know how important it is to build fully-fleshed characters by digging at their core. Exposing their attributes, flaws, morals, emotional wounds and fears that revolve around their basic human needs will influence their goals and desires within the … Continue reading

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The Big Lie: Encouraging your Readers to Suspend Disbelief

We are happy to welcome Laura Pauling, who has pushed through the publishing craziness to release her newest book! I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of HEIST while I was on vacation, and, as you can see … Continue reading

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Donald Maass Wisdom: Cultivate Reader Interest Through Unexpected Emotions

Recently I was at a workshop with Donald Maass and the topic of Emotional Writing came up. As you can imagine, I immediately perked up and my fingers became cyclones over the keyboard of my iPad, taking notes. The gist … Continue reading

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5 Techniques for Adding Subtext to your Story

Today we’ve invited Ollin Morales to clue us in about subtext–thank goodness, because while I know what it is, I’ve never understood how to add it to a story without confusing the readers and myself. Ollin’s blog is a Top Ten … Continue reading

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Creating Unforgettable Settings Part 1: Choosing the Right Setting

As writers, we often underestimate the power of setting. Who didn’t want to visit the Hundred-Acre Wood? How much of our Bilbo-love is wrapped up in Hobbiton, my precious? And whatever you might think of the Twilight series, the ho-hum … Continue reading

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