Emotion Thesaurus Entry: EUPHORIA

Source: The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression, 2nd edition.

DEFINITION: A transcendent state of intense pleasure, happiness, and well-being


  • Unrestrained smiling or laughter
  • One’s head tipping back and the eyes closing
  • The mouth opening in wonder
  • Eyes going as wide as they can
  • Thrusting the chest out and up
  • Letting out a gasp
  • All tension leaving the body
  • Repeatedly laying a hand on the chest and lightly pressing down
  • Pulling in deep breaths and holding them before releasing them
  • Becoming more affectionate (hugging, touching, etc.)
  • Happy tears and laughter
  • Arms held high above the head in a “Victory V”
  • Jumping and pumping the fists
  • Dropping to one’s knees with the head tipped back
  • Celebrating (flag waving, crushing others in a bear hug, shouting and whooping, etc.)
  • Temporary breathlessness
  • Slurring slightly or drawing out one’s words
  • Spinning around to take everything in
  • Visible gooseflesh; rubbing at the arms and shivering with pleasure
  • Stretching out—lying on the grass with one’s limbs spread wide, for example
  • Rapid speech and declining articulation
  • An instant release of stress (the body going slack)
  • The face and neck flushing with color
  • Grabbing onto the sides of one’s head and tipping it back
  • Changes in the voice (growing higher, taking on a breathless quality, etc.)
  • Holding the arms out to the side, palms up
  • Wrapping one’s arms around oneself and squeezing, to hold the feeling in
  • Interacting more with one’s sensory environment (especially through touch)


  • Weightlessness
  • Warmth infusing the body
  • A tingling surge that starts in one’s head or chest and spreads outward
  • The stomach fluttering
  • A racing heart
  • An expansive feeling in the chest
  • Light-headedness
  • Sunbursts or spots in one’s vision


  • The mind emptying of all concerns and worries
  • Engaging in mental exploration and daydreaming
  • Stimulated senses (colors, smells, textures, etc. becoming more intense)
  • A feeling of “being carried away” or experiencing a higher state of being
  • The cessation of pain or discomfort
  • Feeling powerful and capable of anything (invincibility)
  • Viewing the world through a lens of serenity and connection


  • Heightened creativity and a sudden desire to express it (via writing, art, etc.)
  • Taking risks due to feeling invincible and powerful
  • Feeling energized and at peace
  • Hallucinations
  • A pleasant sensation of dizziness
  • The belief that everything in one’s life has aligned, and one will be taken care of
  • Seeking to share the experience with others and feel more deeply connected
  • An increased capacity for empathy, compassion, and altruism
  • Being more likely to take time to notice beauty in all forms


  • Flinching or jumping slightly
  • A sharp intake of breath
  • Losing track of what one was doing or saying
  • Turning away to hide one’s joyful smile
  • A smile that keeps creeping back onto one’s face
  • Losing track of the conversation
  • Making excuses: Sorry, I felt light-headed for a minute, or Can you repeat what you just said?


MAY DE-ESCALATE TO: Elation, Satisfaction, Connectedness, Moved

ASSOCIATED POWER VERBS: Bask, bathe, captivate, climb, comfort, dazzle, drift, elate, enthrall, fill, float, flood, infuse, inhale, intoxicate, leap, mesmerize, overflow, peak, radiate, rapture, reap, seep, share, shine, soak, soar, sweep, tremble, weep, welcome

WRITER’S TIP: Whenever you are using thoughts to show the character reflecting on what they feel, make sure the language you use fits their voice, age, worldview, education, and life experience.

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