Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Curiosity

· Repeating a statement as a question
· Leaning in, sliding a chair closer
· A small, delighted smile
· A shift from mediocre conversation to pointed questions
· A softened voice or tone
· Prying or snooping
· Straining to hear, shushing others to be quiet
· Wide eyes
· Pushing one’s glasses up and tilting the body toward the object of curiosity
· A gasp of wonder
· Moving toward something to witness it, forgetting one’s original destination
· Lips parting slightly
· Slowed breaths…

Win your readers’ hearts by tailoring your character’s emotional responses so they’re compelling, credible, and realistic.

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Becca Puglisi is an international speaker, writing coach, and bestselling author of The Emotion Thesaurus and its sequels. Her books are available in five languages, are sourced by US universities, and are used by novelists, screenwriters, editors, and psychologists around the world. She is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge with others through her Writers Helping Writers blog and via One Stop For Writers—a powerhouse online library created to help writers elevate their storytelling. You can find Becca online at both of these spots, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.
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12 Responses to Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Curiosity

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Definetaly a great help for writers!

  3. gail says:

    Ooo! these are cool. Especially for the writer/illustrator. The body language, the visuals. Good stuff! I’m be visiting on Thursdays.


  4. Mary Witzl says:

    Yes, these are very helpful!

    I often act these things out. I try to picture what I’d do in my characters’ place. I get so tired of dropped jaws, crossed arms and rolled eyes.

  5. Pema says:

    Wow – these are good. Thanks! This will definitely help in my writing.

  6. Angela says:

    That’s great Donna! I’m momzilla over there, so feel free to say hi!

  7. Donna says:

    If I haven’t said it before, I say it now. Thanks for these thesauruses (thesaurii?). They really do help and once I get to editing my WIP these will certainly be right next to me. I’ve also joined Critique Circle! Not much done there yet but I’m getting to it.

  8. Angela says:

    Thanks for chiming in, guys! We like to hear that the ET continues to be useful to writers!

  9. Anne Spollen says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Anne Spollen says:

    Wish they taught English/writing classes with stuff like this. Neat!

  11. Bish Denham says:

    I concur with c.r.evers 100%!

  12. C.R. Evers says:

    I love these thesaurus Thursdays! There’s so many times I think “how many ways can I say . . . .

    Now, when I get stuck, I’ll come over and check out your blog! :0)

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