Character Pyramid Tool (PDF)

Character Target Tool (PDF)

Character Profile Questionnaire (PDF)

Reverse Backstory Tool (PDF)

Weak Verb Converter Tool (PDF)

  • Transform all those generic, boring verbs into power verbs

Scene Revision/Critique Tool Level 1 & Level 2 (PDF)

  • A ‘light’ and ‘in-depth’ revision checklist for creating compelling characters and scenes

Emotional Movie Scenes (PDF)

  • A list of specific scene examples from movies that showcase different intense emotions

Crutch Words (PDF)

  • Those little, annoying overused words that hide in our manuscripts…finally a list for Search & Destroy during the revision process!


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Emotion AmplifiersEmotion Amplifiers High Res

Free Download Options Here (Kindle, PDF, B & N, Kobo & more)

This companion to the bestselling resource, The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression is a body language tool for describing your character’s PAIN, STRESS, ILLNESS, HUNGER, DEHYDRATION, ATTRACTION & other conditions that ‘amplify’ an emotional reaction.

For a full description, go here.

Logo-OneStop-For-Writers-mediumSaving the best for last: 


Wonder what would happen when the mind behind Scrivener for Windows and the authors of The Emotion Thesaurus collaborated to bring you something new and amazing? Well, wonder no longer!

Gift Certificate_One StopWriters Helping Writers is proud to bring you One Stop For Writers, an online creative library unlike any other, filled with tools, resources, education, and powerhouse description collections that must be seen to be believed.

Visit our official One Stop For Writers page for more information, or click over to the One Stop Library for a first hand look, and to read testimonials from writers just like you. Registration is ALWAYS free.

Looking for a thoughtful gift to send to your favorite writer or critique partner? Try a One Stop For Writers Gift Certificate.


100 Responses to WRITING TOOLS

  1. Your weak verb converter is the most complete list of non-specific verbs I’ve ever seen (or concocted myself). I’m going to send the members of my Reno Writing Clinic to this site to 1) download the list, and 2) to discover this incredible blog. As I compared your list to mine, there were three I had that you didn’t. Novice writers that come into my group constantly use three “telling” verbs, and I’m constantly harping for more specific verbs that will create an image in the readers’ heads. They are Gesture, Motion, and Head. My neophyte writers constantly “gesture” and “motion” to other characters before “heading” toward the bathroom.

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  10. Kate says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing IP … so useful and a real blessing!!

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