Announcing The Emotion Thesaurus Second Edition!

Keeping secrets are hard, especially keeping happy, year-long ones from the people we care about. So you can imagine how terrific it is to finally share with you that the mystery thesaurus Becca and I have been working on this past year is a second edition of The Emotion Thesaurus! It releases on February 19th.

We love all the books in our series, but the Emotion Thesaurus has always had a special place in our hearts. It redefined what a writing resource guide could look like and provided writers with a new way to brainstorm strong, compelling emotion that shows rather than tells.

And as our knowledge grew over the years, we longed to come back to this book and make it even better, adding more emotions and helpful ideas on how to express it. It’s so gratifying to finally be able to share the book cover for this new edition!

And that’s not all.

We’ve also created a pre-order for this book so if you like, you can make sure the nanosecond it’s available on February 19th, it will wing its way to you.

Indiebound (Print)

Amazon (Print and Kindle)


Apple Books

Book Depository

Preorder Bonus!

If you preorder this book, send a screenshot of the order to this link and you’ll receive a bonus PDF of entries that we completed but chose not to add to the 2nd edition!

But wait…do you need a second edition? What’s new and different about this book?

1.     Existing entries have been revamped and expanded to include more options for showing each feeling, including a list of power verbs and de-escalating emotions so you can better plan what emotion comes next.

2.     We’ve added 55 new emotions to bring the total to 130 (up from 75 in the first edition). Click to view the entire list.

3.     The instructive portion of the book has more than doubled and includes new material on how to power up dialogue with emotion, use subtext and other techniques to show hidden emotions, what character development is necessary to determine emotional range so actions are authentic to each person’s nature, and more.

All of this tallies up to a book nearly twice the size of the original. It really is a whole new book! We have some sample entries to check out too, like Schadenfreude, Vindicated, and Euphoria. We hope you love this new edition as much as we do!

And because this book and its predecessor would have never come to be without all of you, we have a small thank you gift: a free webinar on Using Emotion To Wow Readers


(This webinar recording is only viewable for a limited time, so be sure to watch it before the end of February!)


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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47 Responses to Announcing The Emotion Thesaurus Second Edition!

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  3. Kate Findley says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the first one and excited for the new edition! I preordered, but when I clicked the link to send a screenshot, about a million different Outlook Express windows opened up and I’m not sure which one is your email address. Would I just be able to send it directly to your email?

  4. Didi W says:

    Preordered! but can’t seem to use the link to send you a screenshot for the bonus PDF. Would you please send me the email address? Thanks.

  5. Beck Deyo says:

    Thanks for a great reference series! Have you ever thought of a book of onomatopoeia? There are too many sites with short lists of sounds and the categories are limited. A concentrated source would be incredibly helpful.

  6. Marion says:

    Congratulations on your latest edition of Emotion Thesaurus.

    I live in Canada and would like to order two of your new books through but it is not available. I’d rather not get charged big-time shipping and other fees for it to be shipped internationally. As a result, I may not qualify for your Bonus PDF of Entries. Is there another way to do this?

    My copy of the original Emotion Thesaurus is well used. I gave a second copy to my 14 year-old granddaughter.

    • Hi Marion,

      Yes Amazon,ca is being very slow with getting the paperback ET2 preorder online, and unfortunately this isn’t something we have control over. (I’m waiting as well. What I did was I clicked the button that says “Notify me when this item is available.”)

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  8. Glory Wade says:

    I just pre-ordered the 2nd edition of the book but cannot get a screenshot of my receipt from Amazon. When I tried the CTRL-ALT-prt sc, nothing happened. When I went to the link, it appeared that I would be adding an account to give access to my email and contacts. (Have the first edition but see the 2nd one as being necessary.

    I love your books and refer to them frequently. I also just ordered the companion book to this one.

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  11. Virginia Turner says:

    I cannot get the link to work for my to send the proof of purchase. Please supply an email address directly.

  12. Pat Wahler says:

    I have all your books, and can’t wait to add this to the collection. Planning to “retire” the original version and donate it as an attendance prize at my writer’s group.

    Not sure how to attach a screen shot of the order here, but I did pre-order just minutes ago! 🙂

    • Hi Pat! Just click the link in the message and it will open up an email to an address that will give you the link you need to access the preorder bonus. 🙂

      I love the idea of donating the original! It’s helped a lot of folks up until now and I hope the first edition continues to do so 🙂

  13. Sylvia Roper says:

    I have the 2012 edition of The Emotion Thesaurus on my Kindle and it is a terrific book. Plan to order the newer one when it becomes available for Kindles.

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  15. Josanne Moore says:

    I do have the first edition, but after looking over the list, I think I need the 2nd one to feel complete. I took a look at the extended view of Schadenfreude (which may need a pronunciation in parenthesis), and it is full of meaning and emotion. Just the one word would be worth getting the 2nd addition! Congratulations on the new edition!

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  17. Amy V says:

    Ooh! Awesome! Preordered!

  18. Tina Susedik says:

    Just ordered, but how do I take a snapshot of it?

    • You can just do a screenshot, (Cntr +Alt + Printscreen buttons) or if your computer has a “snipping tool” you can use that to cut a quick snap of the preorder message. I hope this helps!

  19. Stacy says:

    Yay!! While I loved the first edition and used it extensively, sometimes it seemed a bit limited for what i needed. Really looking forward to the second edition! (I just pre-ordered it.)

  20. :Donna says:

    THRILLED! Can’t believe I’m a winner of an ARC!!! SO happy 😀 😀 😀 Thank you, ladies! <3

  21. Congratulations! I will make sure to order a copy.
    Keep moving forward!
    You ladies rock!

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  24. Krishnendu says:

    I’m sorry to say, but as of now there is no pre-order kindle edition available in India yet. Please help to place pre order on kindle in India.

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  26. Alex Dawson says:

    Super excited.

    When will these updated entries be added and incorporated into

    • No they won’t be available on Writers helping Writers, but they will be brought over to One Stop for Writers and the missing entries will be added to the Emotion Thesaurus on that site. 😉

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  28. Peter Martin says:

    Ooooh! Another to add to me collection!

    Just in time as I write my second book

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