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Moral Villains

I’ve got what I think will be a treat for you today. I’m at Katie Weiland’s Wordplay today, talking about villains. And not just your run-of-the-mill villain. Today I’m talking about some of the most interesting and frightening bad guys: the moral … Continue reading

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Get Into The Fight: How to Write Action That Won’t Show You’ve Never Thrown a Punch

Our books are getting so close to being finished! We’re in that weird almost-done stage where you can see the finish line but you still have so much left to do, and there are roughly a million decisions to be made. … Continue reading

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Clichés Part 2: Villians

Top ten ways to spot the Evil, Power-Hungry Villain Cliché Quick, read the following paragraph: Evil High Lord Ruderon, eldest son of the half-demon Scythe, commands his chaotic army of Lizard Men, Killer Terriers and Cannibalistic Toads in a bid … Continue reading

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