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  1. kat says:

    Hi- I just purchased 4 of your books to help improve the book that I’m working on and I’m very excited to use them. However at the risk of seeming overly PC I was disappointed that when I went to the ‘nightclub’ description in Urban Settings that “cougars” were listed. I find that term extremely sexist and demeaning. Where is the negative term for men who look for younger women? I worked at nightclubs for 8 years in NYC and can tell you that I seriously never -yes never- saw that -and I believe it’s misguided stereotypes that keep “older” women from going out dancing like their male counterparts so please don’t encourage it.

    • Fair comment. I am sorry you found the term offensive. It happens to be something I would see often, and the term is one widely used where I am from in Canada, which is why it was included. Not making an excuse, simply explaining how it came to be. Happy writing, and thanks for the feedback. 😉

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