Conflict Thesaurus

Every scene needs tension, and when it comes to adding conflict to our stories, the options are virtually limitless. Looking for a source of conflict that will create inner turmoil for the protagonist, undermine their relationships, block them from achieving important goals, or just frustrate them to the point of doing something stupid? We’ve examined these ideas and more, exploring the emotions that may results, complications that could arise, and their impact on the character’s basic human needs, among other things. So if it’s conflict you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

What Is a Conflict Thesaurus?

A Car Accident
A Deadline Being Moved Up
A Delay that Makes One Late
A Partner Being Unwilling to Commit
A Romantic Competitor
A Repressed Memory Resurfacing
An Unexpected Pregnancy
Bad Weather
Being Falsely Accused
ng Forced to Marry
Being Forced to Move
Being Given Bad News
Being Ignored or Blown Off
Being Offered an Easy Way Out
Being Sabotaged
Being Turned Down by a Potential Love Interest
Being Unable to Save Everyone
Being Unprepared
Confiding In the Wrong Person
Discovering a Spouse’s Secret
Doing Something Stupid While Impaired
Facing a Challenge Beyond One’s Knowledge or Skill
Family Secrets Being Revealed
Having Feelings for Someone One Shouldn’t
Having to Work with an Enemy
Losing a Bet
Losing a Phone
Misaligned Goals
Nepotism at Work
Pulling the Plug on Someone
Seeing an Ex with Someone New
Sending a Private Message to the Wrong Person
Taking Advice from the Wrong Person
Unwanted Scrutiny

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