Talent & Skill Thesaurus

Below are samples of the entries in our popular Talent and Skill thesaurus. For the complete and enhanced collection, please visit One Stop For Writers, where it has a permanent place within our vast Descriptive Thesaurus Collection. You can access it and our other thesauruses with the click of a button as you write.

Everyone has a special skill or talent, including our characters! Try our selection below to jump start ideas on what you’re character might be good at (that will help him within the scope of your story!)

What is a Talent and Skill Thesaurus?

A Knack for Languages

A Way with Animals


Astral Projection

Astrological Divination


Basic First Aid

Good Listening Skills

Blending In


Gaining the Trust of Others

ESP (Clairvoyance)


Enhanced Hearing

Enhanced Sense of Smell

Enhanced Taste Buds










Hot-Wiring a Car

High Pain Tolerance

Knife Throwing

Knowledge of Explosives



Making People Laugh

Mechanically Inclined


A Knack for Making Money






Photographic Memory



Reading People

Predicting the Weather








Strategic Thinking

Strong Breath Control

Super Strength

Survival Skills


Talking With The Dead

Throwing One’s Voice


Wilderness Navigation


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53 Responses to Talent & Skill Thesaurus

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  8. Michael Offner says:

    What about invented skills, like magic in fantasy worlds?

    How would one go about inventing an entirely new skill?

    • That’s a great question, Michael. Likely the most important thing to get down would be the worldbuilding of it. Just as you would another element of building a unique would, you would need to understand what the skill is and what it all includes, how it can be used, how it benefits the person within the story (to provide for himself, to work more efficiently, any health benefits, things like that), and what the limits if this skill is. This last part is really important for anything that touches magic or makes your character powerful. You need to know what the limits are, how one trains to improve, what the sacrifice is if one tries to push a skill too far, and if there are any negative side effects of this skill or talent.

  9. John Pepper says:

    I’d kinda like to see a page for something related to computer skills. Like for hacking.

    • This is a great suggestion, John. I actually thought we had this one, but I must have been thinking of the “gaming” entry. I’ll add this to our list of potential adds down the road. Thanks for letting us know what you’d like to see!

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  11. Indigo says:

    Other skills you could add (if others have not already said it) are aura reading, the different “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, clairalience,) and the different “-cognitions” (precognition, postcognition), psychometry, telepathy, telempathy, telekinetics, teleportation, mediumship, divination, channeling, channeled writing, exorcist, psychic surgery, energy healing (see Reiki users), acupuncture, reflexology, among many.

    The different kinds of therapy (massage therapist, spinal-realignment therapist, art therapist, aromatherapy, sound therapy, color therapy, gender therapist, family therapist, couples therapy, counselor), and other mental health aides (psychologist, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, neurologist). Also, activist, advocate, and people who work in all the different fields of science (physicist, astronomer, biologist, engineer, architect, botanist, geologist, mathematician, paleontologist, archeologist, excavator, historian, geneticist, and many more).

    Also those who work in what’s generally called the “arts.” Artist, sculptor, dancer, improv actor, actor, debater, comedian, linguist, literature professor, singer, playwright, director, make-up artist, graphic artist, fine artist, museum curator, art historian, fashion designer, model, photographer, calligrapher, camera artist, muralist, painter, knitter, weaver, carver, woodworker, silver- or gold-smith, weapon smith, metal smith, storyteller, writer, author, printer, blogger, video-maker, producer, poet, songwriter, musician, conductor, perfumer, jeweler, book binder, illustrator, glue-maker, leather worker, and much, much more.

    I hope these helped. 😀

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