Character Motivation Thesaurus Entry: Restoring One’s Name or Reputation


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Character’s Goal (Outer Motivation): Restoring one’s name or reputation

Forms This Might Take:

  • Proving one’s innocence upon being falsely accused of something
  • Overcoming a stigma brought on by a relative or ancestor
  • Proving to others that one has changed (after overcoming an addiction, experiencing a spiritual renewal, recognizing that one was wrong, etc.)
  • Trying again to succeed after a public failure (in business, in one’s relationships, in not keeping a promise that was made, etc.)
  • Proving one’s loyalty to a person or group (a gang, the mob, a supplier, one’s employer) after it has been questioned

Human Need Driving the Goal (Inner Motivation): Esteem and recognition

How the Character May Prepare for This Goal

  • Reach out to those who were negatively impacted by one’s actions (or the actions of the people associated with the character)
  • Search within and taking ownership of the part one played
  • Write a book or blogging about what happened
  • Schedule media interviews to get the word out about one’s innocence
  • Analyze past efforts to determine what went wrong and what should be done differently this time
  • Distance oneself from the people in one’s life who reinforce the negative stereotype, such as former cronies who embrace the ideas one once espoused
  • Associate with people who embrace the image one wants to portray (joining support groups or clubs, attending church, etc.)
  • Dedicate one’s time and money to helping the kinds of people one once mistreated
  • Dedicate one’s time and money to educating the people who used to share one’s values
  • Ask forgiveness and making amends
  • Gather evidence to prove one’s innocence or the offending party’s guilt
  • Hire a lawyer, consultant, publicist or other professional to help one improve one’s image
  • Educate oneself on possible arguments so one will be knowledgeable and able to argue one’s innocence
  • Enlist the help of supportive friends or people with likeminded ideals to be character witnesses or allies
  • Do away with unnecessary hobbies or interests and dedicated all of one’s time to this pursuit
  • Gather whatever supplies will help in achieving one’s goal
  • Reconcile with the most important people in one’s life to shore up one’s support system
  • Discredit the people who blackened one’s name to begin with
    Silence the competition (through blackmail, threats, coercion, murder, etc.)

Possible Sacrifices or Costs Associated With This Goal

  • Sacrificing important relationships as the pursuit of the goal becomes one’s top priority
  • Losing friends and family members who are still of the old mindset and don’t like that one has changed
  • Being thrown back into the public eye (if one’s issue is an old one that has been sidelined)
  • One’s children, spouse, and close loved ones being dragged into the spotlight and negatively affected
  • Bankrupting oneself in a desperate effort to clear one’s name
  • Losing one’s job due to the company not wanting to be associated with the controversy
  • One’s safety being threatened by powerful people who are opposed to one’s goal
  • Losing the esteem of others who don’t understand one’s obsession with the goal
  • Reopening old wounds as one confronts the people one has done wrong
  • Losing friends and loved ones who may not have been aware of one’s past transgressions
  • One’s health being impacted due to pushing oneself to the limit or worrying over the outcome

Roadblocks Which Could Prevent This Goal from Being Achieved

  • Family members and friends who want to maintain the status quo
  • New people in the lives of those who were negatively impacted who don’t want to see their loved ones hurt again or taken advantage of
  • Inept or corrupt officials who make success difficult (police officers, lawyers, judges, reporters, record keepers, social workers, etc.)
  • Government systems that make it difficult to overcome past wrongdoings (social services, law enforcement, the IRS, etc.)
  • Inner turmoil over whether one truly deserves to be vindicated or not
  • Repeated rejections by those one is trying to make amends with
  • A biased media that won’t provide fair representation
  • Powerful people or organizations that have a vested interest in one’s continued failure
  • Temptations to be drawn back into one’s old lifestyle
  • False witnesses coming forward to undermine one’s story

Talents & Skills That Will Help the Character Achieve This Goal:

Good Listening Skills

Gaining the Trust of Others

Exceptional Memory




Making People Laugh


Photographic Memory

Reading People

Possible Fallout For the Protagonist if This Goal Is Not Met:

  • Continued broken relationships
  • Having to live under the radar to avoid scrutiny
  • One’s children and loved ones suffering consequences from one’s tarnished reputation
  • Missing out on opportunities due to one’s perceived (or real) guilt (not being able to get jobs, being passed over for promotions, potential love interests keeping their distance, etc.)
  • Living an unfulfilled life where one is unable to reach one’s full potential
  • Living with the ramifications of being considered guilty (losing custody of one’s kids, becoming a social pariah, never getting out of jail, etc.)

Clichés to Avoid: 

  • Ruining personal relationships and going into bankruptcy in order to clear one’s name
  • Experiencing a setback and falling briefly back into one’s old patterns of behavior

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