Character Motivation Thesaurus


Courtesy: Pixabay

Successful stories require many things, but one of the most important is a clear overall goal for your character. Readers should know relatively early in the story what that goal is going to be. For authors to convey this adequately, they need to have a clear understanding of what the character wants (outer motivation), and why he/she wants it (inner motivation). This thesaurus can help you brainstorm possible outer motivations that fit your character and make sense for your story. Once you’ve settled on the right one, the corresponding entry offers information specific to that goal, so you can write it realistically for your audience.

What Is a Character Motivation Thesaurus?

Beating a Diagnosis or Condition

Being a Leader of Others

Catching The Bad Guy or Girl

Escaping a Killer

Escaping Confinement

Finding a Lifelong Partner

Having a Child

Overcoming Abuse and Learning To Trust

Overcoming Mental Illness

Realizing a Dream

Rescuing a Loved One From a Captor

Restoring A Name or Reputation

Righting a Deep Wrong

Seeking Out One’s Biological Roots

Stopping an Event From Happening










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